Its all about the little things..

By Christina Longo | In Bulletproof Blogs, Lifestyle | on June 30, 2016

Its the little things that make the difference in the long run. Those little habits or routines that we do each and everyday that add up for the results we want (or in some cases, don’t want).

Research has continuously showed that the people who have the most success with changing their bodies permanently and not just for the two week vacation in Hawaii are the ones who make small, progressive lifestyle changes that stick.

These are the top 3 lifestyle tweaks for nutrition that will help you more in the long run then going on a crash diet, cleanse or juice fast.  In addition to stabilizing hormones and increasing satiety, they promote eating mindfullness, the first and most important step to changing your physique, health and life.

  • Prioritize protein dense food at breakfast.  Studies consistently show that having protein at breakfast increases satiety and helps maintain stable blood sugar throughout the day. Throw in some healthy fats and you energy will be stable throughout the day and “hangry” will become a concept of the past

ACTION: try scrambled eggs with vegetables & avocado or a protein shake with chilled coffee, grassfed dairy or almond milk and raw nut butter.

  • Chew your food, eat slowly. Mom had a good point! People who chew their food more times and eat slowly will have greater release of satiety hormones that help them stop eating at an appropriate level of fullness. It also regulates the amount of insulin your body releases. Too much food too quickly and your body will store calories as excess body fat.  Don’t forget giving your body time to proper digest and prevent bloating.

ACTION: Put down your fork between bites. Also, engage in conversation with whomever your eating with. It may even improve other aspects of your life 😉

  • Sit at a table, not the TV. Distracted and mindless eating will have you stuffing more food into your mouth then you need or want. Sit, focus on your food and enjoy the meal. Tune into your favorite show after with a cup of herbal tea or soda water.

ACTION:  Set the table like your having guests. Put on relaxing music and enjoy a real conversation (yes, human interaction, no iphones) with whoever is around.

Such simple steps but with our electronic and overly hectic lifestyles, most people don’t follow them 50% of the time. Keep a little food journal for a week and see which habits you need to work on. Your body will thank you for years to come.

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