Bulletproof Athletes Club

By Christina Longo | In Move Better Feel Better | on October 6, 2018

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  1. Do you need a flexible program that allows you to workout on your own schedule and access resources whenever you need them
  2. Do you have aches, pains and injuries that slow you down?
  3. Do you want to learn how to optimise your performance AND overcome that old injury, aches and pains?
  4. Do you want an efficient and effective program that gets results but leaves more time for your favourite sport or activity?
  5. Do you want the guidance, support and motivation of Whistler’s top personal trainer, but at an amazing price point?

Bulletproof Bodies Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching delivers all this and more within the Bulletproof Athletes Club.

  1. 24/7 access to online resources, support and accountability
  2. monthly workout plan designed for all around athletic performance and injury prevention
  3. monthly mobility plan to help you move, feel and perform your best
  4. weekly support emails with tips, reminders, recipes and more
  5. Bulletproof Bodies nutrition package to optimise recovery and support joint health

How it works

  1. Firstly, your taken through a  detailed intake process and injury questionnaire to ensure that online group coaching is a good option for you,. If accepted, there will be a one time fee of 99$ for a 1 hour online functional movement screen and custom corrective exercise program to ensure that your body is balanced and ready for the program.
  2. Each month, you get a new workout program with detailed instructions and images to ensure your performing the exercises properly. There are also video resources you have access to as well.  Each workout will take 60 minutes to complete and there are 3 workouts per week.    The objective of the workouts is to be efficient and effective so you have more time to ski, bike, hike, surf, climb or whatever your passion is.
  3. Each month, you get a new daily mobility program. This is a daily investment of 10-15 minutes that will undo the negative effects of sitting, keep you mobile, limber and ready to play. It will also improve your results in the gym and prevent injury.
  4. You receive a basic nutrition package that focuses on whole foods, correct portions and real life solutions. Incorporating as much of this into your lifestyle will help keep your joints healthy, increase energy and help you recover quicker.
  5. Your online resources will be access via Facebook or private Youtube links.
  6. Every week, you will receive a tip, recipe, reminder or positive message to keep you accountable and on track.

I provide the expertise, guidance, accountability and resources. You make time for yourself and your goals. Together, we will have you moving, feeling and performing at your best.

Apply today to reveal your potential.

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