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By Christina Longo | In Move Better Feel Better | on September 22, 2018

Beyond StretchingFascial Stretch Therapy 

Before we move often and before we work hard, it is important that we move well. Having a balanced, supple and mobile body is essential for this.

Many injuries occur due to stiffness, poor range of motion or imbalances in the body.

Being able to confidently play or train hard is essential to being bulletproof and Fascial Stretch Therapy is my favourite way to help clients achieve that confidence. On the table, each client gets a stretch session that is 100% unique to their body and needs. They also become better connected to their body, more relaxed and focused.  We balance out the body by correcting left and right side asymmetries. These amazing stretches also undo any negative effects of sitting or old injury patterns so my clients bodies feel, move and perform amazingly.

“Really helpful with my shoulders and hips. I’ve been using the techniques for 4 months now and feel looser and lighter than ever. My physio is impressed too!”     Dennis L  Pro Skier

Why Stretch Therapy is so effective

  • constant traction creates space from the joint outwards, relieving stiff and achy joints
  • stretches are in all ranges of motion so your body is free to move in any way you need
  • it is extremely relaxing, which helps your body adapt and recover quicker
  • it improves circulation, speeding healing and keeping your tissue healthy

“Having struggled with hip mobility for years, Christina has helped my range of motion massively in a very short period of time. She has also given me the tools and knowledge to keep improving my mobility moving forward. Really knowledgeable and genuinely keen to help. Can’t thank Christina enough and would recommend her to anyone!”  Alex S  

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Here is what a few more of my clients have been saying about Stretch Therapy:

“I wanted to send a note of thanks and endorsement in one. I came looking for help with my aching neck. And I got it. But also so much more than that I got a holistic approach to living more comfortably in my body. You’re an amazing listener and an intuitive and professional practitioner with a great bedside manner. Thank you”      Danielle K

“Stretch therapy has been a godsend! My body consistently ached and was even more painful during cycling season.  By the time I met Christina, it was difficult to bend over.  After the very first session of stretch therapy, I moved in ways I hadn’t for months and pain-free.  It was completely liberating! I am a now a complete advocate.” Jan C   Personal Trainer – Road Cyclist

“For years I knew I had a lazy ass but it wasn’t until I started working with Christina that I finally learned how to use my butt! Christina’s thorough and methodical approach helped me to improve my range of motion before we worked on increasing my strength. With the combination of personal training and stretch therapy I now know my body better than ever. I feel stronger riding and running and I’m squatting deeper than I ever thought possible – thank you Christina!” 
Elaine R  Personal Trainer  7-time Ironman finisher
I offer stretch therapy services here in beautiful Whistler, BC, Canada. If your visiting for a vacation or part of our amazing community, stretch therapy is a great way to unwind and relax after playing in our mountains.
My clients love coming in for a stretch after a big day of skiing or biking, knowing they will be refreshed, limber and ready to play again tomorrow.

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