Trevor Morton
Registered Physiotherapist – Soccer. Skier

“Exercising is important, but exercising correctly is more so. By integrating sound training and biomechanical principles while at the same time listening to my goal, Christina helped me reach them injury free! Bulletproof Bodies strikes the perfect balance in helping clients achieve personal health and performance. I highly recommend working with Christina, whether you are a weekend warrior, high-level athlete, or are returning from injury”

Kate Naus
Occupational Therapist – Climber. Skier. Trail Runner.

“Christina is the first personal trainer I have ever worked with. I’ve noticed a great improvement in some nagging injuries I have struggled with, along with improved strength and faster recovery after long days in the mountains. She listens to my goals and gives me tools to get me there.”

Tim Johnson
Engineer – Skier. Climber

“I can confidently say that in the last year or so of training, I have put on at least a minimum amount of ten pounds of lean mass, climbed harder climbs and skied harder lines than I thought previously possible. More importantly, I have also recovered and remained healthy from previous sports injuries.”

Jan Cartwright
Personal Trainer – Road Cyclist

Stretch therapy has been a godsend! My body consistently ached and was even more painful during cycling season.  By the time I met Christina, it was difficult to bend over.  After the very first session of stretch therapy, I moved in ways I hadn’t for months and pain-free.  It was completely liberating! I am a now a complete advocate.”

Mary Leighton
Hiker. Triathlon Competitor.

“Christina saved my summer. I had sciatic pain shooting from my back to my leg for a brutal two months, basically preventing any running or hiking. Christina showed me how to align my hips and back better, and how to activate my glutes during exercise. Within a week: no pain. I can run all I want. Thank you, Christina!”